Worried About Winter Blues? Read This One

Well it is the beginning of 2017, and right now the weather outside is frightful. For those of us that can’t wait for spring, we have put together a couple of things that everyone can try to get past the winter blues. The next eleven ideas can help make your winter a brighter color instead of the many shades of blue!

1.) Practice eating smarter

Here are three ways to start.

Avoid candy and carbohydrates.

Limit Caffeine intake

Try mood lifting foods

Foods that are good to lift moods include: Oats, spinach, fish, lentils, coconut, bananas and of course, Chocolate. I read an article called Foods to boost your mood naturally. We liked it because we found that we were already eating most of the foods on the list.

I stay away from most caffeine, but I do drink a lot of both caffeinated and caffeine free tea (teas, as it turns out, also helps to boost your mood). But, I hope my intake is still much lower than the average person.

Saffron is a spice that can help with mood enhancement. I looked in our spice drawer and could not find it. My husband said it was a little expensive for our food budget, so we do not have any. But with all the other options that we have in the food area, I think we are doing pretty good!

2.) Go Outside

With exercising outside you have the advantage of being in natural light. Natural light is a mood enhancer. Being outside will make you feel much better. Also breathing in fresh air can chase your blues away. If there is a park nearby in your neighborhood, it is a great place to walk.

Take your canine companion outside. Walking and playing with your dog is a no brainer. Of course this will make you feel better. Isn’t just about everything better with your dog!

3.) Get moving and Exercise

As mentioned in an earlier post this year about New Year Resolutions, one of my goals is to exercise daily. A great side effect of daily activity is a better overall mood. Feeling more energized helps some individuals chase off the blues. I walk/jog around our RV in a large oval pattern daily. Where we are as of now, I am privileged to see a 180 degree view of mountains that look close enough to touch (But they are at least 3 miles away). Even when it is colder outside I look forward to getting outside and seeing the surrounding mountains.

4.) Stay Social and Connected

I have heard that going out and getting together with friends have a positive affect on mood. This is great if you are living close to friends and family. I am a couple states away from everyone I know, and I am just making new friends, so to stay social and connected (other than text messaging) I am writing letters. Completely old school (pen and paper). This is how I’m staying social and connected. Hearing about how the people I do not get to see everyday is doing will definitely keep me cheered.

5.) Take up a hobby

There are several cheap and fun hobbies available for all to take on in the winter months. So many to choose from, and all of them can help you take on the winter blues. The following are just a few to help you narrow down the field.







I dance (much to my husbands dismay) almost anytime I hear music. I can’t help it. I want to move! Dancing has been shown to not only boost your mood but also has shown good mental health improvements.

One of my goals for 2017 is to increase the number of books I read this year. I’m starting out conservative, but when it’s cold outside reading is a great way to not only get away but help keep the blues away.

Volunteering helps to improve mood, because helping others makes us feel better. Today there are so many places and reasons to volunteer that it is easier than ever to get out there. It will get you out of your house. Find what speaks to your heart. What makes you want to give your time and knowledge? Volunteering can be a great experience for those who choose to.

Any of the other ideas can lift moods in the winter season. See which speaks to you. You may find that you love your new hobby!

6.) Try a New Recipe: Take a new spin on an old tradition

If you love to cook, this idea is for you. With the internet available to almost everyone, you can type in anything and get a hundred results. For Hot Cocoa, I got six great websites. All with about twenty different ways to make this traditional winter treat. Some with less sugar, some with gingerbread, some with extra spices. Instead of taking out the powder packet, try making it from scratch and searching for one that appeals to you.

I often go to Foodnetwork and All Recipes, to find a new recipe (for my husband to try). I didn’t know there were so many ways to make hot cocoa. Think of other traditional recipes, like gingerbread and fruitcake.

7.) Start a Winter Project

A very common winter project people take on is painting a room. There is a correlation between mood and colors. The colors you see can enhance your mood. If you are aiming for a calming atmosphere, Blue is a good choice. Now your only issue may be what shade of blue will be the perfect for you. If you want to be more energized, Reds and Violets are for your project. If you need a happiness boost, Yellows and Greens!

If painting a room isn’t for you, you could just paint for artistic sake. Painting can also help make people feel better, I want to say in winter, but this is true all year round. LOL

Another winter project idea is to start a herb garden. This will help if you also have a goal of eating healthier. Fresh herbs are great to make your foods taste better and be healthier.If you have a small herb garden, you may be more likely to try new recipes.Also bringing the outdoors inside when you can’t get out will help you have a better mood.

8.) Keep a sleep schedule

Keeping a consistent sleep schedule can help you feel better. All of our bodies have a need for a consistent cycle. Getting enough sleep helps us to regulate not only mood but also our emotions. For most adults, we do best on 7-9 hours of sleep and 15-17 hours of wakefulness. That is hard to achieve in winter, that is where keeping a sleep schedule comes into play. One idea to help you get up and not continue to sleep since the sun hasn’t risen yet, is to turn on a bright light as soon as your alarm goes off.

For me personally, once I’m up (because my husband is always up before me) I make the bed. It makes it harder for me to get beck into the warm bed. Then I leave the bedroom. Everything today is portable, making it easier to attempt to do things in the warm bedroom. These two are very simple but they help us.

9.) Listen to Upbeat and Cheery Music

According to bustle.com, Having a great playlist will help push the blues out the door. They suggest listening to music you know and love. Having a nostalgic list to listen to can remind you of good feelings from your past. Three key ideas for happy music include: Positive, Fast and Beat Heavy music.

10.) Make Staying in an Event

If you find it uncomfortably cold outside even when you are bundled tightly, perhaps staying in is for you. But don’t just stay in, make staying in an event for you.

Snuggle up in a great, favorite blanket

Read a book that interests you.

Use you tube to find a video of a crackling fire to set a warm mood

This can make staying inside perfect for you. You do not need to read a book, you can look outside your window if you have a beautiful scene (mountains, trees, the sky, anything reflecting nature). You can also use this time to meditate and reflect. Sometimes that makes me feel better when the blues grab me.

11.) Make your environment Bright

As mentioned before with a winter project, you can paint in great bright colors, a room that you spend a majority of your time. If that does not help, most people also invest in a light box. Because of the shortened days and longer nights of winter, most of us wake up and go to sleep in the dark. Having a light box has been proven to alleviate some symptoms of winter blues.


We hope these eleven ideas help if you are having winter blues. These ideas may be helpful for most with winter blues. They may not be as helpful for those with Depression. If you are concerned you may have Depression, please talk to your doctor and discuss your options.

How do you chase away the winter blues? Do you have any other ideas that was not covered? Leave a comment below and let us know. Share with your friends!

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When most parents set out to utilize a tutoring service to provide mathematics tutoring or homework assistance in Algebra for their student, they seldom know what to look for in terms of their student’s specific preferences.

In other words, they don’t really know if the tutoring service they’ve already found will be able to truly assistance their student excel within a given math class.
Concerning Algebra, the parent should always ask his or her student what he or she is having difficulties understanding or comprehending in the classroom environment.

A tutoring service is usually of great benefit when it prepares and encourages the student to solve problems on his or her spare time. In the event the student begins to grasp that material, he or she should not just seek homework help with the tutor but should also seek to complete extra homework troubles without the tutor so that they are able get a better understanding of Algebra. Once a student has worked at problems independently, he or she can then ask for homework help at challenging problems or concepts when meeting with the Algebra tutor.

That parent should also try to safeguarded math tutoring in Algebra from a tutoring service a long time before the student has a quiz, test, exam, or even a major assignment on the material. It will also be noted that the tutor cannot work miracles and having the student stuff right before a major quiz and test can lead to more irritation on the student’s part considering his or her results may not give in the intended results. It is always better to give a student time for you to digest the material and get time to work on problems with and without the tutor so that her or his confidence can be built up a long time before a quiz or evaluation. This leads to the next stage.

The parent should bring up the student’s difficulties on the tutoring service and determine whether math tutoring with a particular tutoring service, whether in-home or online, can aid the student with understanding the material. Before above above, the student can have difficulties comprehending the materials due to the teacher’s teaching trend.

One should note though that targeted homework help in Algebra can lead to filling in these spaces if done in an successful manner. Remember, just because a student is performing poorly within a given math class which include Algebra, does not mean that one is not good in mathematics!

This is crucial to know since the student’s academic difficulties may very well be rooted in one or more distinctive sources. These may include, although are not limited to, the present student’s learning style, the teacher’s teaching style, class proportions, difficulty of the material, this student’s study habits, or even just yet, material previously skipped that may be needed to excel with Algebra.

If this is the case, that parents needs to ensure that this Algebra tutor will help the student’s learning process and work toward wedding users and attendents student to understand what one is covering in Algebra type. It is also important to ensure that that tutor will cover topics from earlier in the school 12 months that may have been unclear to your student. Many times, algebra instructors tend to focus on homework help without filling in the scholar’s “mathematical” gaps. These spaces usually include important vicinity such as working with variables, accordingly graphing equations, and clearing up multi-step word problems. Any time these gaps are not sorted out in Algebra, they tend to be carried over into Precalculus, which leads to further frustration together with anxiety on the student’s element.

Once the parent together with student have at least made an effort to target the problem area, it makes it much easier to find a tutoring service that can aid that student in better understanding the many topics of Algebra. There are certain important things that the dad or mom should look for when searching math tutoring, specifically for Algebra.

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You’ll want heard of the idea of teleshopping wedding brides. Who is a listing shopping bride-to-be? This is someone who puts her profile a record of among those marriage agencies to get the marriage proposal. But you would think that this method is usually termed a relationship of arrangement or convenience. Where does the term precisely originate from? The basis from the term is that this technique pertains to only long distance relationships. So should you be looking for almost any female in the particular distant nation, this product can be your best option.

In today’s fast life we are rarely nonetheless having whenever pertaining to ourselves, it does not take items during the work, work and work. Keeping this sort of scenario in your head, these types of international marriage agencies have got in reality produced life easier for modern-day world. These international firms are engaged in different manners, their rules change from organization to agency. But the basics are very similar. Girls all over the world try registered basic agencies; now remember because these women are registering themselves because the mail order birdes-to-be they are uniting to cross cultural marriage. These agencies goal matrimonial alliances; it is just a serious stuff with out infant’s play.

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Imagine it that way. Should you live in big city like New York, how frequently each day do you get approached by some weirdo requesting for a lot of unusual thing the guy intending to provide a free of charge bible, someone getting change, someone wanting that you reach a comedy show on Broadway. What do they need a person? They want your value. Usually cash, sometimes time. What benefit does a hot girl have got? Her looks (in the initial stage before getting to know her). How do we want that value? We want her to share with you her looks along with us. Basically, we’d like her to show her time along with us.

In one, two, or three months, no person is going to remember if the primary rib was overcooked or even the cake was dry. They will recall the emotions throughout the day plus the standard feeling conveyed by bride and groom and the good friends. They will remember if it made an appearance that you are using a great time as well as the mood everyone was in.